Ergotron Neoflex LCD Arm

Purchased the Ergotron Neoflex LCD arm from Fully. The arm holds two¬†2x Dell S2318H¬†monitors attached to a Jarvis Sit-Stand Desk. In the corner of each monitor comes out around 15″. My desk is 26.5″ and so I find that my fist reaches the monitor snug. My only wish would be that I had a deeper desk to push the monitors back slightly. The default width of my desk means that I need a keyboard tray to use this monitor on the Jarvis desk. Otherwise the monitor is very durable and it displays well. No issues with usability or adjustability.

Contour Mouse XL

Contour Custom Mouse (XL) was my first jump from the standard out-of-box Dell mouse. I had pain in my arms that flared up with these smaller mice. I couldn’t avoid it and this company helped me out with a free trial of the mouse.


  • Expensive but durable. Purchased 3x of these Mice in several years and they took a beating
  • Size of some mice is something of a laugh but it does relieve pain. I’m a larger tall person with big hands so what can you do? Many common Mice fit in the palm of my hand
  • Overall use of the device is easy and reduces stress on your hands. Clicking is very light and doesn’t require as much effort as a normal mouse



  • Scroll wheel near the thumb takes the pressure off of upper tendons. Easy to move up and down pages actively with this stronger tendon
  • The mouse is angled at a specific degree (20dg) and this does appear to relieve a significant amount of pain. For me it was immediate, and I was able to use the mouse to get relief from a Repetitive Stress Injury.
  • Buttons have a soft click that you trigger with the second knuckle in your finger. You click with a straight finger and a fully supported hand. It’s gradual and you can do so much quicker



  • Mouse is great if you need a custom sized easy to use the device. It’s ergonomic and I can attest that it relieves pain