Contour RollerMouse Red

The RollerMouse is a uniquely designed mouse by Contour. I’ve owned several products from this company. I like this mouse because it’s very practical and the road to adoption was short.


  • The mouse control panel has a ‘Copy’ ‘Paste’ and ‘Double Click’ button
  • Scroll wheel helps you navigate windows with a natural movement of the fingers
  • Mouse speed is adjustable so you can control the cursor which is convenient for this kind of bar design.
  • Leather wrist¬†rest is comfortable and doesn’t cause any issues using the device
  • Durability is high as I’ve used mine for 12hr days over a period of years. No breaks downs or issues. It does need to be cleaned which can be tricky. I usually blow it out and use alcohol
  • We can almost play Battlefield/Video Games with this mouse. One issue is when you go all the way to the left or right it spins you around in a circle


  • Able to rest hands by side. Less movement with shoulder, scapula, and serratus to control mouse. I’m using the Contour Unimouse in conjunction with this mouse.
  • Leather wrist¬†wrest works well with Code Keyboard mechanical keyboard height


  • Rollermouse is worth a try if you are looking to try a uniquely designed mouse. I find that I’m very fast w/ this mouse.

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